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2006 Topps Alex Gordon #297-The Legend of One of the Top Modern Cards of All-Time

Posted by Cardboard Picasso on

The story behind the 2006 Topps Alex Gordon #297 baseball card isn't quite as profound as the T206 Honus Wagner story. However, this card's story is so unique, rare, and caused massive hysteria in the sports cards hobby in 2006 Technically, it isn't even supposed to exist! 

So, why is this baseball card so rare? 

Topps had a contract with MLB which stated they could only feature pictures of players on cards that played the prior season or were on the team's active roster. Alex Gordon was a phenom and top draft pick but was not technically on their roster when the card was produced. Since he was a rookie, he obviously didn't play the prior year. Topps had violated their contract with MLB! In a frantic attempt to avoid a lawsuit, Topps quickly pulled the card from production. Word has it, one particular Wal-Mart got the majority of this card in "Blaster Boxes." One savvy collector bought the majority of these boxes and since then, the card is sometimes called the "Wal-Mart Card." Topps came up with many creative ways to try to stay legal including manufacturing cut-outs of Alex's face on the card and black outs. 

Although not insanely expensive, the full-card version of Alex Gordon is one of the most important modern-day baseball cards. It also doesn't hurt that Alex Gordon is a very good ball player and this is his rookie card. He touts numerous All-Star appearances and a Gold Glove award.